HUALIEN, TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: First Day of Train Tour Around Taiwan!

Hi Guys~

As part of my last mini getaway before I return back to Toronto, my mom and I decided to do this Train Tour around Taiwan. We are mainly going to travel to the eastern parts of Taiwan. And Hualien is our very first stop! Unfortunately, there was a typhoon the day before our trip. A lot of the agriculture, trees, have fallen over. Even the roads and trails in Taroko Park have been destroyed due to mud slides.

But in the bright side, we’re still very happy to be able to travel around Taiwan! And I’m glad you’re coming along with us 🙂

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15 Replies to “HUALIEN, TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: First Day of Train Tour Around Taiwan!”

  1. Colonel FOG

    I live in Hualien, and work part time at Qi Xing Tan. Thank you for presenting our area in such a sweet and delightful way.We are glad you enjoyed your visit here.

  2. jenn-tong cheng

    You make me hard to appreciate(focus) the beautiful scenes u filmed.
    I don't know I should hate u or like u . 
    Greeting from Tainan (the Museum of Taiwan food ) 

  3. Seuldess94

    I have been to Taiwan last December. Watching your vlog just makes me think back about the wonderful times there. Thanks a lot for putting in effort on all these vlogs. Continue to upload more. :)) have fun !

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