TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: Shopping at Wufenpu & Rao He Night Market (五分埔 & 饒河街觀光夜市)

Who likes shopping for cheap clothes… Well I know I do. If you do too, then this is your place to shop!! Wufenpu is a wholesale clothing area, therefore, you’re getting deals straight from the wholesalers! Cheap Cheap Cheap!! I usually get clothing around 100~300 yuan. Which is like around $3~$9 Canadian! That’s crazyyy… which is why I like to get all my clothes here… Shhh.. no one has to know I wear $3 tops heheheh :3

Today’s Vlog:
Shopping Spree at Wufenpu,
Origins of Night markets,
Rao He night market,
Oil rice ??
Claw machine addiction!!!

Thank you for watching~~~
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20 Replies to “TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: Shopping at Wufenpu & Rao He Night Market (五分埔 & 饒河街觀光夜市)”

  1. aaxhxi n

    Did you went to 罗东夜市/新竹夜市/东大门夜市?Is the clothes there worth buying and cheap??because I'm joining a school trip to Taiwan ,so I'm searching info about Taiwan:) hope you see this^^

  2. sara Muhareq

    hello, I enjoyed your videos
    I was wondering if you know any markets that sell fake brands like LV and Chanel etc, because I'm going to Taipei by the end of this month.
    thanks <3

  3. travelwitht

    Thank you for vlogging your Taiwan trip!  Giving me a good idea of what to expect if I go there. There are not many vlogs on Taiwan on Youtube, so I'm glad I came across your channel! ^^ 


    Hi Ann, love love your Taiwan vlog. I'm planning my itinerary for Taiwan in Jan 2015. Your vlog is very fun to watch especially what I should look out for … BTW, can I know which shop is the oil rice and soup you were in?

  5. MaiLIFE

    OMG Wufenpu was my favourite place to shop when I was studying in Taiwan!! I found amazing deals on those racks outside the stores. <3
    Love your vlogs!

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