Visiting Taipei 101 Taiwan LGBTQ Travel Vlog

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Hello Wonderful People!
We are gay family with 2 moms + kid + pet snake.
We’re uploading 1 video every day.
Our channel is safe and family friendly place, we open our lives to show that gay family is just like any other family, the only difference is that our son has 2 moms. We want to be positive role models to show people and gay kids out there that you can find your happiness, that it really gets better and there is hope for better future.
Please respect everyone!
No prejudice, negativity or hate!
Only positive vibes!

#mukbang #LGBT #gayfamily

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taipei travel

16 Replies to “Visiting Taipei 101 Taiwan LGBTQ Travel Vlog”

  1. FitAngie

    Wow that building is amazing! It’s so tall it doesn’t fit into the frame of the camera haha. I am so happy that you all are getting to the chance to explore all the wonderful countries

  2. Woodsy 13

    Everthing is so inexpensive there! Note to self: must visit for the shopping. I wonder if Prada. Gucci and such are less expensive there because HELLO an extra bag please! LOL Althogh I am more of an Alexander McQueen (for dress) and a Betsey Johnson (for fun/whimsey/everday) collector. Very interesting choices in the stones. Did you know the properties of them when purchased?

  3. Tammy Dee

    Heading to New York for my Uncle's funeral in the morning. I wish I could visit on a happier occasion, but we will be going to the Twin Tower memorial. 💖💖💖

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