Taiwanese Street Food Tour in Chiayi, Taiwan | Street Food in Taiwan BEST Wet Market

Taiwanese Street Food Chiayi – Taiwanese Street Food – Street Food Taiwan

Taiwan is a street food heaven. You need to visit a morning market when in Taiwan to eat some of the Best Street Food EVER!

Some of the BEST local Street Food in Taiwan can be found at the Taiwanese Morning Markets.The markets in Southern Taiwan have some of the best street food. I’ve eat Taiwanese food all over Taiwan, Street Food in Taipei, Street Food in Kaohsiung, Street Food in Tainan and many other places around the world! The night markets in Taiwan have something for everyone but the locals love to eat the freshest foods in the fresh wet markets, like this one in Chiayi, Taiwan.

We went to our local morning market the Chiayi East Market, into the bowels of this amazing food paradise to eat everything from Beef entrails soup to sweet rice cake filled with red bean. This was truly a food paradise.

I hope you enjoyed this video as it took a lot of time and effort to film and edit and include all the subtitles. If you did please share it with your friends and anyone else you know who loves to eat!


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  2. 茶姐 Tea

    I miss all the good eats from Taiwan but I’m also deeply bothered by seeing how much plastic bags are being used for all the takeouts/to go foods. Watching the lady pour the piping hot soup directly into the plastic bag, I am thinking no wonder so many people have cancer in Taiwan.

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  4. Anne Corey

    Fish stalls meat stall as well as nobble stalls to all kind of food Luke and his girlfriend love their food in Taiwanese food. Thanks , 27–11–18.

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