Taiwan: Food Trip, Night Market, Taipei 101, etc (Cruise Vlog Day 4 in Keelung 2018)

Heeeeeey!!! Taiwan na tayoooo!!!!! =)
Taipei 101, National Museum and Street Food!!!!!

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JAPAN VLOG: 3 hrs in Miyakojima (Cruise Day 3 2018)

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Thanks, super duper!!

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33 Replies to “Taiwan: Food Trip, Night Market, Taipei 101, etc (Cruise Vlog Day 4 in Keelung 2018)”

  1. Andrics Clemente

    Just watched your vids! Can you give me tips about foreign exchange? Like should I bring usd or what. Hahaha. I’ll be on a cruise next week. Thanks loves. ❤️

  2. Jayvee Manikan

    Hi po! Awesome vlog! 😍 (btw nakita ko po yung link ng vlog nyo sa gc. Hehe hope you'd visit my channel po. I subscribed btw!) Godbless po!

  3. Michele 'Mitzkeehpie' Ereño

    Ibang klase talaga ang charisma ni Mader lagi nka smile at ang aura..pak!
    Nakakatuwa, kung maka kalabit kay Manong Tour guide wagas!
    Kain pa more..at nagugutom kmi pa more!😂😂😂

  4. Jey Ann

    Hi sis & sa iyong mommy 🙂
    ganda ng taiwan.,ang saya dyan sa night market.,plus food trip pa nakakgutom hehe
    cute ni mommy mo sis, masayahin pati ready sa vlog 😀

  5. Rescelle Joy Vargas

    Thank you for your Star Virgo cruise vlogs, i was able to share them with my mom and my aunts. They left manila this afternoon for their trip, their stops are also at Miyakojima and Keelung. Naha was changed sa itinerary kasi nga daw super high daw ng waves and all. I hope they have fun as much as you and your family did. 🤗🤗🤗 I just subscribed to your channel and followed you in IG. So aliw and your mama too! Too bad I can't join them sa cruise kasi i have a baby to look after. Sana in the future ako naman. Dami ko sinabi. 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Teresita Lopez

    Hello Miss Pretty .. 🙂 Hows the weather in Keelung and Japan? thank u :* we will be cruising on April 24. so excited and your vlogs will surely help me… coz it will be my first time to cruise 🙂

  7. Shaboy Roro Goals

    Grabe sis busog na ko sa vlog mo! Sarap ng foodtrip nyo 😊 Game na game si mother sa video daig pa si mommy Pinty e 😂 Parang ang hirap maligaw sis pag nasa ibang bansa lalo na yung iba di marunong mag English. I wonder kung kada country ba 1 day lang sila sa port?

  8. I am Shanwein

    Alam mo tita you should always be in your travel vlogs…. hehehehehe …very supportive si tita on the top of that she is becoming a jewel in your vlogs =)

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