Explore Alishan! Go beyond Taipei on your next Taiwan trip!

Go beyond Taipei on your next Taiwan trip! Explore Alishan, the scenic and mountainous national park with KKday’s EASY 1-DAY TRIP GUIDE (budget + itinerary)!🇹🇼

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Day Tour from Taichung: Alishan Forest Railway & High Mountain Tea Experience 👉🏼

🚉 HSR Taipei →🚉 HSR Taichung One-way Ticket 👉🏼
🚉 HSR Taichung →🚉 HSR Taipei One-way Ticket 👉🏼

Save up to 20% off your HSR tickets when you book with KKday! Download your vouchers onto your smartphone, or print them out. Be sure to pack your passport and dress for cold weather. ☁


✅ 6:00am |📍 Meet at Taipei Main Station

Head to the HSR counter at Taipei Main Station with your voucher and passport. Select a train schedule before 7:00am and seat, then get your ticket (NOTE: Get your ticket at least 30 minutes before your train). Present your ticket to the staff and board the train.

✅ 7:00am | Ride from 🚉 HSR Taipei →🚉 HSR Taichung (45min)

The train ride is smooth and comfortable, and a good time to eat breakfast before heading out for your tour.

✅ 8:00am |📍 Meet at Taichung HSR Station, Exit 6

Once you arrive, head to the 7-11 by Exit 6 for your tour bus. It’s an incredibly scenic ride up the mountains, where you get to see the tea plantations.

✅ High Mountain Tea Experience

Enjoy a cup (or pot) of High Mountain Ooolong Tea, Taiwan’s finest tea grown right at the mountain. Here, you’ll also get to learn about Taiwan’s rich tea culture.🍵


✅ Purchase a box of tea leaves to brew at home.
✅ Lunch of Aboriginal Taiwanese Cuisine – settle down for a traditional lunch of fresh fish, fragrant bamboo rice, and mochi served in the style of Alishan’s Tsou Tribe.
✅ Forest Recreational Area – Alishan enjoys the cool yet rainy weather, filling the forest in fog. Follow any of the different trails that’ll take you deep into the mountain and marvel where you will stumble upon thousand-year-old trees, tranquil ponds, and all sorts of other interesting sights.

✅ Alishan Forest Railway

The highlight of the trip for many! Ride this vintage, narrow-gauge local train to Shenmu Station, and see the Alishan’s Sacred Tree: A towering red cypress that’s over 3,000 years old!

✅ 6:30pm | 📍 Arrive at Taichung HSR Station

The tour ends with a drop-off to the Taichung HSR station. Similar to earlier, present your voucher and passport and claim your train ticket.

✅ 7:00pm | Ride from 🚉 HSR Taichung →🚉 HSR Taipei (45min)
✅ 8:00pm |📍Arrive at Taipei Main Station


💰 Budget:
🔵 Day Tour: 4,008php
🔵 Round-trip HSR Tickets: 1,904 (KKday discounted rate)
🔵 Pocket Money: Up to you! The tour covers lunch and your railway ticket, but bring change for snacks and pasalubong.

🧤 Attire:
It can get cold and rainy in Alishan, so have a jacket, umbrella, and good walking shoes.

👉🏼 Other similar tours worth checking out:
✅ Private Chartered Tour: Great for larger groups or families. This tour also makes stops at the old Fenqihu Town, and National Chungcheng University, the filming site of Meteor Garden.

✅ 2-Day Alishan Tour (with accommodation): Stay overnight at Alishan this spring and see cherry blossoms, sunrise views and the famous sea of clouds.

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