⛴{Trip} Taiwan Travel — Trip to MATSU, Day 2, DONGJU (馬祖東莒)

Second day of our recent trip to the islands of Matsu. We explored the sights of Dongju Island, lots of old house, a beautiful lighthouse, and many scenic outlooks.

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Timeline (if you want to go directly to certain parts of the video)

00:20 Dongyin Haijiao Guesthouse (東引海角民宿)
00:45 Leaving Dongyin (離開東引)
02:00 Arriving in Nangan Island (抵達南竿)
02:30 Fu’ao Harbor (福澳漁港)
03:00 Leaving Nangan (離開南竿)
03:15 Arriving at Dongju (抵達東莒)
03:50 Dapu Village (大埔聚落) + Happy Inn (幸福居民)
08:00 Lunch at Daping Village (大坪村中飯)
08:30 Bao’an Temple (保安宮)
08:50 Houses in Daping Village (大坪村房子)
09:40 Dongquan Lighthouse (東犬燈塔)
11:30 Fuzheng Village and beach (福正聚落+海灘)
17:45 Dapu Village (大埔聚落) + Huanshan Trail (環山步道)
18:00 Shop of Dongju Community Development Association (東莒 社區發展協會)
19:40 Dapu Village Baimazunwang Temple (大埔聚落白馬尊王廟)
21:00 Dinner in Daping Village (大坪村晚餐)

Our guesthouse
Happy Inn (幸福居民)
Tel: 0926-812-841 / (0836) 89-021
Add: No. 106-1, Daping Village (Dapu), Dongju, Juguang Township, Lianchiang County (連江縣莒光鄉東莒大坪村[大埔]106-1號)
Website: (Chinese)

Restaurant where we had dinner
Feng Shulin Xiaochi (楓樹林小吃)
Tel: (0836) 89-137
Add: No. 23, Daping Village, Dongju, Lianchiang County (連江縣東莒大坪村23號)

More info about Matsu:

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Travel in Taiwan (7/8, 2016)
By Rick Charette

Forty minutes from Nangan by ferry, sleepy and sparsely populated Dongju and its partner to the west, Xiju, are Matsu’s most southerly islands.
Matsu’s double-story stone-residence architecture, so medieval European in look, is a world apart from the traditional south Fujian wood frame/brick wall/stucco courtyard residences seen elsewhere throughout Taiwan. During the Cold War era many old fishing villages emptied. Today, tourism is leading to revivification. Lovely, tiny Dapu Village is a prime example. The village was for a time abandoned, but with the help of an artist-in-residence program supported by the Matsu National Scenic Area Administration, homestay and other enterprises are now taking root – the first two homestays opened within the past year.
Dongquan Lighthouse, atop a cape in Dongju’s northeast corner, is informally called the “Red-Hair Lighthouse.” The term “red-hair” was commonly used for Westerners during China’s imperial days after the Dutch appeared in regional waters. Like Dongyin’s lighthouse, the tall British-built facility, finished in 1872, guided foreign vessels into the nearby China mainland’s Min River after Fuzhou city was opened to trade following the Second Opium War. Britain built numerous lighthouses in the region – China had none – after losing many vessels. The highlight at the cape-tip stronghold below the lighthouse, beyond the stupendous seagull-angle views, is a massive gun poking from a camouflaged emplacement.
Fuzheng Village, significantly larger than Dapu, is another old fishing village just recently launched along the road to revivification. If you are a photography buff you might feel here like a kid in a candy shop, a photo opp at every turn with possibilities seemingly endless, with scores of tiered old residences, harbor-moored fishing craft, beached hulks, the lighthouse atop its backdrop hill, a flaming-orange-red temple and display tanks at its base.
Take your time savoring the architecture up close. Most structures are two-storied, the second floor providing sea views, cooling breezes, and relief from ground-level dampness. Windows tend to be small and higher up, facilitating defense (way back when) against pirate attack.

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