Amazing Taiwanese Hot Pot and National Palace Museum in Taipei – Taipei Travel Guide (Day 4)

Taiwanese hot pot is one of the best meals to eat when you’re in Taipei!
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On Day 5 in Taiwan, we ate breakfast at our hotel, and then headed straight to the Taiwan National Palace Museum, one of the most extensive art museums in Asia, and one of the major and most important museums in China. The museum was huge, and there were a ton of people there as well – I guess a lot of the tour group buses come to the National Palace Museum. After arriving and buying out tickets, we went around and walked through the museum for about an hour – though we could have spent more time there, we had to keep on going. I took a lot of art history courses when I was in University, and at the museum, I remember quite a few of the famous Chinese paintings that I had studied during school – so the Chinese painting sections was my favorite part of visiting the Taiwan National Palace Museum.

After visiting the museum, we headed back to the metro station and eventually caught a bus at Jiantan station enroute to the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine, a shrine in memory of all those who have lost their lives in various wars. Luckily we arrived just in time to see the changing of the guard ceremony taking place. The guards walked all the way from the street to the entrance of the shrine, and then changed positions with the new guards at the memorial and then walked all the way back. I thought it was a pretty good place to see in Taipei, and the guards ceremony was interesting.

After visiting the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine we were all very hungry, so we went to eat shabu shabu at a restaurant not too far away. The food was very good, and we filmed a separate video, which I’ll publish soon. After lunch, since we were near the Shilin Night Market we decided to go check out a certain food stall that Ying had seen on the night we went to the market a few days previously. Luckily they happened to be open and they were selling the cakes even though the night market had not yet opened. The cake was extremely soft and fluffy.

After quite a long day of running around and doing things in Taipei, we headed back to Ximending area, and as Ying was doing some shopping, I decided to sneak away to eat dinner at Duck 1950 Restaurant – although they served goose – I read that they started off selling duck, and now sell Taiwanese goose. The braised goose was incredibly delicious.

That’s all for Dy 5, it was another long and fun day in Taipei, and I especially enjoyed the braised goose.

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