TAIPEI, TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: Revisiting Favourite Spots

How are you all doing???

In today’s vlog, I will take you to some of my favourite spots in Taipei! On my 2nd and 3rd day in Taiwan, I revisited my favourite places to eat, to shop as well as some random hidden gems.

First, thing I did on my 2nd day was wake up super early (well.. i was jet lagged) and line up for 阜杭豆漿 (fu hang dou jiang). The line took around 45 min.. but it was definitely worth it! It’s super cheap too! For everything we got, it was around $6 onlyyyy!!

Later that day, we hit up Ximending. It’s where all the young kids hang out these days… hahahah. I feel a bit old saying that. But it’s true. Regardless, It’s definitely one of my favourite places to browse around. Everything from beauty related stuff, clothes, random cutesy Asian thingies, everything!

The 3rd day was more relaxing. Although it wasn’t by choice.. since it pretty much rained most of the day. But we still made the day count by visiting a lily pad pond. The pod with all the holes still freaks me out though..

Later that night, I headed to the airport! Stay tuned to find out where my next travel destination is.. but don’t worry, I come back to Taiwan after this mini getaway 🙂

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19 Replies to “TAIPEI, TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: Revisiting Favourite Spots”

  1. jane.lou

    Great travel vlogs! I'm a fellow Torontonian living in Ireland, and I'm going to visit Taiwan at the end of November. Your travel videos are making me really excited (and hungry)!

  2. itsArchieBoy

    Just found you here on youtube, I've got to say, I like the quality of your vlogs! Nice work and keep it up! Traveling everywhere! I'm so jealous!

  3. SimplyAlpacas Channel

    ANNNN could you maybe please check out my Taiwan vlogs? I was completely and utterly inspired by you <3 You're one of my top 5 all-time favorite youtubers GAH! I LOVE YOU!

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