⛴{Trip} Taiwan Travel — 2 Days in LANYU (Orchid Island)__蘭嶼2日之旅

This is a video about our trip to Lanyu in May 2014. Lanyu is a beautiful island off the coast of Taitung in southeastern Taiwan. The scenery is spectacular and the indigenous culture very interesting.

Travel in Taiwan:

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Taiwan Railway Administration:

We took the Chu Kuang Express 606 at 11pm in Taipei and arrived in Taitung at 5:50 (ticket one way costs NT$605)

Info about ferry from Taitung to Lanyu:

Our guesthouse:

Yuren Homestay (嶼人民宿)
Add: 76-1, Yuren, Hongtou Village, Lanyu Township, Taitung County (台東縣蘭嶼鄉紅頭村漁人76-1號)
Tel: 0910 371 458 (only little English spoken)
They can rent out motor scooters and arrange fishing experience and snorkeling trips.

Music by Alex Beroza (

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  1. Imagesansson Belgium

    beautifull video, gives a great view on the total of the Island. I'll visit the Island next month. Can you give me the details of the guesthouse you stayed at?

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