Taiwan Travel Guide: Douliu’s traditional street food & 100 year history 台灣好好玩:外國人愛台灣的老街:斗六太平老街 | 雲林

Welcome to Douliu’s Taiping Old Street. By TRA train, this cute little spot is a 3 hour ride from Taipei, 1 hour and 20 minutes from Taichung or 1 hour 45 minutes from Kaohsiung.
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Places we visited 今天去的地方:
Douliu Train Station 斗六車站
Xi Shi Deng Rouyuan 西市鄧肉圓
4 Generations Malt Crisp 四代目麥芽酥
Kowloon City Hong Kong Tea 九龍城香港茶
Millet donut stall 小米甜甜圈
Yunlin County reporter’s house 記者之家
Xingqi Memorial Hall 行啟紀念館
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48 Replies to “Taiwan Travel Guide: Douliu’s traditional street food & 100 year history 台灣好好玩:外國人愛台灣的老街:斗六太平老街 | 雲林”

  1. Cai _chi

    Same as below, 與妳相反 我是住在澳洲的台灣人 我發現之前我在台灣住了26年卻沒去過這個地方… 也沒吃過那樣的甜甜圈~有妳的分享很棒呢!


    Cool. It's my home town!!! I guess you had fun over there. Douliu city is an old city but has some traditional foods. If you have time, you should visit again during the coffee season. There is a transport bus at the behind entrance of Douliu train station, that can take you to the destination of the coffee place. Also, if you want, you can have a hiking trail at Huashan. There are some beautiful scenes if you can reach the top of the Dajian Mountain.

  3. Roberto S

    That's one more city that I've never heard of. I have the feeling that as long as I keep watching every one of Tin Tin's videos I should end up knowing every city.

  4. 邊緣人的日常


  5. chl1974

    I love this place. I need to visit when I go back to Taiwan in May. I remember eating this peanut covered thing in Taiwan at the 2:55 mark. I hope someone knows what it is, in Chinese.

  6. 羅永昌


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