Taiwan ♥ Taipei, Hualien | Travel Diary

Hi everyone! Here is part two of my year end travel diary! I know I’m super late in uploading this vlog, but better late than never eh? 😉

This vlog captures my experience in Taipei and Hualien. I have been to Taipei before but Hualien was entirely new to me and as cliche as it may sound, it really took my breath away. The canopy of green and serenity of the place provided much respite from the bustling city I live day to day. It somewhat reminded me of Jeju Island in Korea as both had a huge mountain that stood as the main highlight and activities were centered around them.

The Taiwanese are courteous and patient and serve up some really yummy delicacies. I am already missing the Braised Pork Rice there!

If you would like to check out the first leg of my travel diary where I ventured to Hong Kong & Macau for the very first time:

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