Gay Travel: Top Five Tips in Taiwan

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Top 5 Suggestions:
Taipei 101 Observatory
Din Tai Fung
Gay District: Ximendin
Night Market
Sun Moon Lake

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26 Replies to “Gay Travel: Top Five Tips in Taiwan”

  1. George Stone

    Taiwan is not only incredibly gay friendly but the people in general are the most friendly and polite I've ever encountered anywhere. Even when walking at night in dark alleys I never felt threatened or endangered. The Taipei MRT subway system is immaculate and efficient. There's no pushing & shoving, no cRAP "artists", no trapeze artists, no homeless; people wait on line patiently. Makes NYC look absolutely primitive & barbaric. Instead of constantly bullying the country of Taiwan the barbaric Chinese should take a lesson in how to run a civilized, efficient democracy.

  2. Steve H

    Nice video. I'm looking around as now is Taipei Pride, 2017. Glad you mentioned the night markets. Tell everyone to visit Taiwan, ROC ! I lived there a year, teaching, many years ago. Too many nice memories to include here ! :-))

  3. Coningsby's Adventures

    I went to Taiwan from China where I was living this past year and immediately noticed a more open and accepting attitude; there were gay bars and LGBT books and same sex couples holding hands, things that seemed so normal (because they are). And they will have marriage equality soon! Brilliant! The place to live!

  4. Chris Holbrook

    Hi guy. I just watched your divorce video. I cried. I cried because I've been through the exact same thing. Ten years is a long time. Mine was 11. We're still friends, & I wish him the absolute best. Your video moved me.

  5. Travis Drvins

    Ya~ finally,it will happend after two years (≧∇≦) but i hope gay right is part of human rights,and i wish there is no more "new gay law". I really want the gay right that is in the part of the human right. From local

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