Travel Miaoli Taiwan & Hakka Chinese Food 遊台灣苗栗吃客家菜

I must admit that I haven’t travelled much outside of #Taipei mostly because my dad wouldn’t let me drive his precious car. This time around, my friends were kind enough to let me tag along with them to #Miaoli #Taiwan which is a county 2 hours away. I was blown away by the natural sceneries and relaxing vibes in Miaoli because it’s not something you could get in the capital. What really amazed me was that you could actually see stars!!! No pollutions of any kind, just plain tranquillity. Um right, don’t forget your mosquito spray.

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Travel in Taiwan – Attractions – Hot Spots – Miaoli County

This video is filmed with #Canon #G7X Mark II and edited via Adobe Premiere Pro.

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  1. Piece of Amr

    Yes please, I wish to see more of these beautiful places of Taiwan. BTW is there any way to translate when you're interacting with the locals next time 🙏 cause I'd love to involve in your conversation.

  2. 吳辛價


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