Taipei | Taipei Travel Vlog 2019 | Taipei Night Market Street Food | Palace Museum | foodie

Travel vlog to Taipei 2019 includes introduction to MRT, night market street food, visit to the Palace Museum, breathtaking views of Maokong gondola ride, Ximending, shopping, etc.

We had an excellent Airbnb host. Leave me a comment if you are interested in learning more about the apartment we stayed at. Excellent location.

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17 Replies to “Taipei | Taipei Travel Vlog 2019 | Taipei Night Market Street Food | Palace Museum | foodie”

  1. Lisa Greig

    What a amazing experience you had..Your so blessed that your healthy..My health is not very good..I have major pain and can't walk a lot of the time.So I live through videos like this..It's rough .Thank you for this experience . Take care Lily 💕⭐️👍🏻

  2. AmyMirandaBeauty

    This video took probably a lot of time to prepare and edit.. I enjoyed it.. How many days did you stay there, is life expensive there? would you also feel the need to wear a mask in the streets because of high pollution?

  3. AmyMirandaBeauty

    Also I note that the big pharmacy you entered cosmed, seems well loaded with a lot of skincare and reminds me the ones we have in sydney australia.. very nice and clean always. I don't get the same feeling when I enter cvs pharmacy here.. not the same at all.

  4. AmyMirandaBeauty

    hi Lily, Narita airport is nice. I have been there.. I love this kind of videos, it feels like i am traveling with you or walking alongside you in these places. The food looks delicious. A lot of people are wearing white face masks. I can only imagine how much fun it was to travel with your family: Your sister and nephew and his wife. Have you been there before? you seem to know how to get around..?

  5. LittleMakeupChannel

    Loved everything you showed us…the food, the origins of their letters, the sights…it's just amazing. How lucky you are to go there 😁

  6. y o u k o

    The flower bunches look lovely and what a deal! Growing flowers year around sounds heavenly. I'm not a night owl so I'd probably miss out on the fun at night, lol! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Marta Laura Zayas

    thank you for this lovely journey. The cakes look like works of art. I think I would gain weight because I love all the food you showed.

  8. Bella Sevyn

    What a lovely vlog Lily. The entire trip looked like a great time. You're right, the entire city is so charming. Now I want to go but I don't think I have a suit case but enough either. 🤗

  9. Sebastian Dylag

    great video ! 😀 looks very nice there ! 😀
    teipei is on our list of place we want to go ! 😀
    keep it up! keep on creating ! 😀
    PS. I feel bad for asking but mind checking out my channel ? If not then that's totally fine ! 😀

  10. intallpines

    Another great video Lily. The food looked amazing! What more is there than strolling, shopping, eating and massaging!?! Never have had an inside into Taipei. Loved it!

  11. Jakjak's Kool Trip

    New subscriber here.. u have an awesome video keep it up…. you can also visit my channel and see if you will be interested on my videos.. lets grow together..

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