Walking in TAIPEI FOOD TOUR Taiwan and JIUFEN Day Trip

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Our first full day in Taipei was an eventful one. We started with breakfast and walked through the city. But first, we started with cold, refreshing tea from 50 Lan.

Food Stop 1: Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice
No. 10, Section 1, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

We ate lu rou fan, or minced pork over rice. Also, we ordered braised pork belly over rice and two tea eggs on the side. Rice for breakfast is usually delicious, especially paired with egg and braised meat.

After a delicious breakfast, we walked some of it off by exploring some famous landmarks in the city. First, the beautiful National Theater, Liberty Square and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Then, we fueled up with more tea to quench our thirst from the intense Taipei heat. Here, we stopped at the Chun Shui Tang inside the National Concert Hall. After, we headed towards the President of Taiwan’s building.

Food Stop 2: Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle
108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Emei Street, 8-1號

What we ate: Large bowl

Food Stop 3: Snow King Ice Cream
No. 65, Section 1, Wuchang St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

What we ate: Pork knuckle ice cream and basil ice cream

After exploring and eating in Taipei, we headed north via train to Ruifang station. From Ruifang, we took an Uber to Jiufen (Jioufen). Beautiful views here, but it had all the makings of a tourist trap!

Have you been to these spots in Taipei? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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We are Greg and Jumi, hailing from opposite ends of the globe. Greg is a native New Yorker who was born and raised in Queens NYC and Jumi grew up in the beautiful islands of the Visayas region of the Philippines.

How did we meet? One of us messaged the other on Instagram (before sliding in DM’s was even possible through the app!) and we met just after Hurricane Sandy hit NYC in October 2012. Although we grew up in two very different worlds, we bonded over a love of experiences over material things, delicious food and exploration.

We have visited 15+ countries together since December 2014 exploring beaches, ancient temples, bustling streets and ruins. Along the way, we get adrenaline flowing whether paragliding, ziplining, or jetskiing.

To fuel up for our adventures (and everyday life), we eat lots of local food wherever we are. Street food, carts, trucks, hidden gems and family-run sit-downs are our mainstays. We don’t cook, but prefer to spend our money on experiences and we treat food as one. Hey, we gotta eat regardless, right? May as well enjoy it and support good businesses while we’re at it!

All of this is done while we work full-time at our day jobs. How do we do it? Follow along our journeys and you will learn more. Welcome to our lifestyle!

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28 Replies to “Walking in TAIPEI FOOD TOUR Taiwan and JIUFEN Day Trip”

  1. Nomad Bears

    So sad you guys missed the sunset in Jiufen, it is amazing! We have only been here since October and in all your Taiwan videos you guys refer to how hot it is… I fear for summer (Lucy).

  2. Alice Ford

    I have been wanting to visit Taiwan for several years now, and have heard that the food culture is so great. I really enjoyed your fun video and seeing all the great things to eat.

  3. Fit Fashion Traveler

    This is so enlightening! Thank you for sharing: food is one of the most important cultural experiences one can have while traveling, I really appreciate the in-depth insight to the food in Taiwan.

  4. Christy Evers, Coconut and Laptop Life

    Wow! Lovely footage of the area and the food and drinks look amazing! A walking tour is a great idea to work up the appetite and burn off the calories! 😃

  5. whereiszebra

    Taipei is proper amazing! The first time I stayed for 2 weeks and I couldn't understand why the hell have I decided to say for that short period of time. Next year I was smarter and stayed for almost 2 months. The food is EVERYTHING there. <3You look happy 🙂

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