TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: Mom's Birthday Lunch at Buffet

WARNING: Don’t watch this before bed time… Content may make you hungry…


And what better way to celebrate than to go for a niceee biggg fancy buffet… The buffet was near Taipei 101 called Le Meridien. There was lots to choose from, with high quality food! My favourite section.. no doubt.. was the desserts… OMG… it was amazeeebaallzz!!

Todays Vlog:
Buffet lunch at Latest Recipe,
Had the best steak evaaaa,
Gobbled down all the desserts,
Got a FAILED hair perm,
Laughed at by the garbage man,
Awesome garbage system in Taipei!

Thank you for watchinggg~
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8 Replies to “TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG: Mom's Birthday Lunch at Buffet”

  1. Jessica Z

    Taiwan is the best and
    thats some good high quality buffet!! Asia has the best best buffets ever!! America just has buffets that are not good and it's always greasy!! Like Chinese buffet!! That's not even Chinese food and the ones in China or Taiwan, it's the best!! You can have all kinds of different ones!! Korea has the best buffets too!:)

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