TAIPEI'S BEST TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN 2 DAYS Plus Knife Massage & Stinky Tofu Tasting! | Taipei Vlog

I spent 2 days in Taipei seeing Taipei’s best tourist attractions and as many things to do in Taipei as possible!

On Day 1 started going to the Taipei 101 observatory deck which offers incredible views over Taipei, next was the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Longshan Temple and then to Taipei Main Station to buy my ticket to Hualien.
After this I went to Taipei City Mall which is under Taipei Main Station to get a Knife Massage! This sounds gimicky but actually it’s a traditional massage with real benefits.
I got the 30 minute massage but you can get a 10 minute taster massage too. You can find the Knife Massage in Taipei in Taipei City Mall between exits Y13 and Y16.

On Day 2 I walked up Elephant Mountain to get another amazing view of the City, then I headed to Maokong on the Cable Car to see the tea region of Taipei which was nice. In the evening I went to Shilin Night Market. I really wanted to go to the National Palace Museum too but ran out of time because I had to work, if you do this itinerary you will be able to fit it in.

I really enjoyed Taipei, it’s a great city and a really easy city to travel around. Getting an EasyCard for Taipei MRT is a must to save you money.

I’m staying at Star Hostel East Taipei which is really really nice! I have a private room but they have dorm rooms too, it’s a high quality hostel and a great option in Taipei!


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