STINKY TOFU | Taipei Street Food

STINKY TOFU | Taipei’s Most Disgusting Street Food…

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Eating street food in Taipei was the highlight of our trip. Most of the street food that was had was absolutely delicious. However, the STINKY TOFU that we bought from a street was NOT. From the first day we visited Taipei, we could smell the stink from the stinky tofu wafting down the streets. There’s not mistaking the pungent smell as it obtrusively enters your nostrils.

We had debated the entire trip whether or not we were brave enough to try the fermented tofu. On our last day in Taipei, I succeeded in convincing Kara to try stinky tofu with me! There seem to be a lot of locals who enjoy stinky tofu and consider it a local delicacy. However, our American taste buds did not. It tasted just as bad it smells!!!

Kara does an amazing job explaining what like. If you want to see what it’s like to try stinky tofu on the streets of Taipei check out this VLOG starting around 8:28!

We’d like to say thanks to Mark Wiens for the inspiring video Stinky Tofu – Eating Smelly Tofu in China! –

We also have to give thanks to Off the Great Wall and their video that let us know what to expect as Americans – New Yorkers Trying Stinky Tofu For The Very First Time –

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***VLOG 32 of many***

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36 Replies to “STINKY TOFU | Taipei Street Food”

  1. Will Taylor

    Unlike most of the food you tasted you two are soooo bland! You're about the whitest-bread motherfukkers on Youtube. Even your frikken teeth are disturbingly white. Boring, cardboard-cutout fukkers.

  2. Robert Morris

    As one of those who joined you late, but now has started from the beginning, I am AMAZED that you seem to spend so much time eating, and yet, four years later you both seem perfectly trim. Enjoy your young metabolisms! 🙂

  3. amoorerdh

    Omg I totally feel y’all on the stinky tofu. I’ve been to Taiwan (my bf at the time his fam was there) it’s awful smelling. Like everything bad you’ve ever smelled in your entire life rolled into one smell. I’m a garbage disposal and I couldn’t eat it either. Mad props for trying.

  4. Sav & Luke Adventures

    Going thru old videos so I will be ready to watch your 100th country vlog!! The biggest congratulations you guys!!! I’ve been a fan for a while and wish I was in the right financial situation to of come and seen you at the 100 country vlog! I almost saved enough money but fell short. You guys are so inspiring and I can’t wait to complete my 100 countries!

  5. Tracy Davis

    Oh you prob was definitely experiencing sewage. I saw a documentary where they were caught using sewage water to cook their food in!! Street food is not recommended in some countries. I guess that was one of them. Poor Kara. Tofu is actually really delicious and is cooked so many ways. I hope that was not your last time eating it. But I can understand why.

  6. Josh M

    I loved Taiwan when I went in 2018! I am a really picky eater but ate everything I came across in Taiwan. I was actually fine with the stinky tofu (it wasn’t amazing and smelled bad, but tasted fine with the vinegar or pickled cabbage). The 100 year egg was amazingly good, wasn’t a fan of the congealed pork blood though. The egg pancake breakfast food was so good too!

  7. vivian chang

    I love stinky tofu! I might even like it more than bubble tea. Every time I go back to visit family I have to eat stinky tofu every time I see it. It's my favorite street food. Even my half-German cousin loves it. You just have to give new food a 2nd chance.

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