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  1. Steve Haber

    There is another aspect of pandemic management that Taiwan energetically attempted to address in the most critical early days of the outbreak…and which again painfully illustrates the baleful influence exerted by Beijing, and official Canada’s supine position as an extender of that influence. 

    As soon as Taiwan’s epidemiological intelligence centre recognized that a serious novel respiratory pathogen was spreading from Wuhan, it contacted the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a U.N. agency headquartered in Montreal, Canada. If ICAO had supplied — at Taiwan’s initiative — the requested flight codes, a focussed and targeted effort in the critical early days of the outbreak could have concentrated on a relatively small and manageable number of passengers who would be the earliest international spreaders of the outbreak. 

    The current head of ICAO is a Beijing-nominated PRC national. Not surprisingly, Taiwan’s intelligent early efforts were thwarted. Even though there was clear (just not WHO- or ICAO-sanctioned) information on which to base closer inspection of PRC-originating flights, official Canada deferred to the false information from WHO and non-information from ICAO … and failed to implement measures at the critical Vancouver (YVR) and Toronto (YYZ) ports of entry when they could have made a difference. 

    A sad and disillusioning conclusion that needs to be drawn, is that there can be no relying on U.N. or multilateral organizations in which Beijing has any influence. Rather, those states that can, will need to deepen those bilateral and ‘unofficial’ connections which will reliably supply accurate information in a timely manner. In many areas Taiwan should be sought as just such a partner, even if done through “back-channels” while the ‘officials’ continue to mouth Beijing-approved platitudes and falsehoods.

    Canada, take note.

  2. 200gregg

    On February 7th Taiwan locked down the borders to anybody travelling into Taiwan from mainland china or for anybody who had been in China within the last 14 days. They made every effort to stop the virus entering the country in the first place. Seems like effective border controls were the key component here. Yet went unmentioned in the video ?

  3. Bongin Huang

    Thanks for the video. But most importantly, Taiwan is not a member of the WHO so the country was left alone to deal with a possible pandemic while others listened to a China-controlled international organization. Never trust an autocracy.

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