Best things to do in Taiwan | Exploring Mt. Keelung in Jiufen Taiwan | Must visit in Taiwan


One of the best thing I did in Taiwan was exploring the Jiufen Old Street and Mt. Keelung.
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24 Replies to “Best things to do in Taiwan | Exploring Mt. Keelung in Jiufen Taiwan | Must visit in Taiwan”

  1. Ray Haffenden

    Spent some of my most enjoyable years living and working in Taiwan, weekends in the mountains or on the beach were a must while we were living in an apartment. Haven't been back for many years, thanks for posting the video!

  2. 洪麗華

    This video must be filmed several months ago because I see few people wear masks in the video.
    The scenery is breathtaking. Some mountains are vailed in the mist and reefs or elevations stand out from the sea. The terrain there is pretty rugged and the steep rock stairs predominate the trails. It would be a good way to climb up and down the trails an hour everyday to lose the weight because after the climbing, you must sweat buckets.

  3. David Pabon

    Finally the Taiwan videos. Waiting for these videos for a while, but better late than never lol! 😄 thanks for sharing & I will see you in your next video..have a great day. Stay safe, stay healthy Crishel. Peace ✌🏼😉

  4. brian fitzjohn

    Hi Crishel. Very nice – those views from the top of the mountain are stunning. As are the views of yourself, of course. Such a beautiful smile. Still looking forward to the Philippines lifting the quarantine completely, so you can travel again. Preferably in the Philippines tropical areas, without the cold weather clothes. Please take care of yourself and your family.

  5. Jeffery Maxfield

    Oh honey, I am so happy for you and your family always on every success to achieve. I am happily married but for a bunch of your subs probably disappointed you have bf!! Lolol no worries honey, I love following you and your families success! You are a remarkable young lady! Your mom and dad must be very proud!!

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