42 Replies to “Taiwan Miffed At WHO For Considering Beijing As Its Representative”

  1. Eloy

    I'm just curious about all the Indians who "support Taiwan".
    Will India sever diplomatic ties with the PRC and switch to the Republic of China?
    And I hope that India acts, not talks.

  2. Sozin Tenzin

    Free Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan!!! BLloody Chinese have caused enough harm to us. We are completely different from them in ideals, morals and ethics. They can't shove their vile misogynist propaganda anymore

  3. Amol Kanitkar

    This pandemic is not an accident but is a joint conspiracy of china and WHO. WHO is a stooge of china. Also this not a corona virus but this is a china virus
    COVID 19 means Chinese Origin Virus Initiated Disease 2019
    WHO means Wuhan Health Organisation

  4. Chiranjeevi C

    This shows how much control China has over WHO
    Being a super power means being responsible and respectful with the neighbors around you, which China forgets to be.
    Unfortunately they have enough military and financial power to control organisations and nations around the world

  5. Nikk

    Always Remember

    China Lied, People Died

    And the crazy thing is Corona Virus pandemic is almost gone in China but the world still suffers

    And the even crazier thing is, No matter how much you guys scold china on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc

    The communist country China has banned all Social media sites in their country & made sure people only understand Chinese & not learn English.

    USSR dissolved long back
    The biggest communist country after USSR still exists today & we can't do anything about it.

    Look at this Bloody Communist flag

  6. k ravi

    This will be key to the next war, not because of covid-19. World can't prove anything, but just media propaganda, who brainwash more people.

    Taiwan is next war point, punishment for helping the World.
    America's next proxy war. This time they loot China.

    Liberating Taiwan

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