Are CRUISE SHIPS actually worth it for travel? Keelung, Taiwan


Do the CAPITAL LETTERS in the title make you wanna click it faster?
While on a promo trip to Miyako Island, Japan, I was given the opportunity to go on a cruise with Costa Cruises that stopped off at Ishigaki and Keelung, Taiwan. How much can we see of it in a day?

This video isn’t sponsored by the cruise or anything, but it was provided for free so yeah. Dunno what my legal implications are here but… just thought you should know.

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21 Replies to “Are CRUISE SHIPS actually worth it for travel? Keelung, Taiwan”

  1. CL4KFL

    When I travel on Royal Caribbean, they usually will give you a quick fact sheet the night before that briefly mention key places to see, and of course will give a highlight of all the very “economical” excursion you COULD join.

  2. Fitness For Health And Happiness

    I am a "cruisaholic", LOVE IT. Cruising is awesome, to get a "taste" of the area but not really experience it, as you noticed, time is very limited. You need to do your own research and take advantage of every minute, worth paying $$$ to take advantage of the limited hours and the "guarantee" you will be returned to the ship before it leaves or cruise ship pays to get you to next port. If you gamble and go it yourself, YOU pay if you miss the boat. Add on that you usually get several world class shows during your cruise, good food, quirky game shows, comedy acts and there really is no better bang for the buck if you are looking for a vacation, but I wouldn't "full time travel" this way because of the limited time you get at each port. Getting into the city that late is rare in my personal experience, but I have only done Europe, USA, Bermuda and Bahama/Caribbean islands. Glad I found your channel, so sorry that your highest viewed videos show the most skin. I struggle that I am getting in shape with my exercise channel (that I am taking a break from, but still exercising), then plan on transitioning into my travel channel once I can take my shirt off on a regular basis… LOL.

  3. tom thornton

    Also if you're looking at the CO2 cost of travelling, the options for overland travel all over the world (well, Eurasia specifically but good infrastructure does exist elsewhere according to seat61) are really interesting. Much more fun, much less CO2 and a real adventure story when compared to flying.

  4. tom thornton

    Your genuine and analytical takes are a breath of fresh air to travel videos. Not like omg I love this ship and Taiwan was amazingggggg the wifi on the ship is so good and the people are so nice and I'm only gonna travel with Cruise Company 4evaaaaaa

  5. archie4oz

    For a cruise this was a bad stop IMO. Keelung ("Jeelung") and Taiwan in general is a "late starting" culture, and really comes alive at night. You really missed out not getting to indulge at the night market, it's one of the more famous ones (and quite large). Plus food there is crazy good and cheap. Also the people hopping the taxis were smart since Jiufen is only 20-30min away by car (and taxis in Taiwan are also pretty cheap), and the bus is an even cheaper option.

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