Nanya Nightmarket Corn Stinky tofu Pineapple – Taiwan food

The night market of locals, which is not well known to tourists.
Nanya night market in Taipei. simple but delicious foods that are take care of local people’s dinner.

Grilled Corn – 50TWD
Quadruple – 50TWD
Pineapple – 60TWD
Stir-fried Vegetables – ~130TWD

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  1. Dododooh -

    취두부튀김 맛이 너무 궁금해서 저도 타이난 화원야시장가서 먹었었는데 생각외로 존맛이었어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아주아주 쪼금 구리한 냄새나는거 빼고는 튀긴두부에 새콤달콤한 백김치 피클?같은거 얹어서 먹는 맛인데.. 크… 짱맛…..

  2. 有元直子


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