【Traveling Taiwan】Qing Jing Farm in Central Taiwan

Let’s begin the year of the Mouse with the first Traveling Taiwan video filmed in Central Taiwan! Travel with me and enjoy the breathtaking landscape while learning Mandarin.

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21 Replies to “【Traveling Taiwan】Qing Jing Farm in Central Taiwan”

  1. Travel Junkie

    I should go next time I'm in Taiwan. I wonder if you can see the sea of clouds like in Alishan. I went to Alishan recently, but the weather did not permit us to see the sea of clouds. It was too dry, but we did get to see the beautiful sun rise. It was FREEEZING! 😂😂

  2. jellysalsa

    Great video Peggy! I’ve been living here in Taiwan for several years and this area is one of my favorite places so learning Chinese terms about it is very helpful AND it’s a video I can send to my family to entice them to come here.

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