Taipei 101 and Street Food in Taiwan


On our fourth day in Taipei we went to one of my favorite night markets, Raohe night market. We viewed Taipei 101 from the Sun Yat Sen memorial hall as well as visited some slightly sketchy underground markets, ate beef noodle soup at Lin Dong Fang and visited a morning market. Hope you enjoyed the video and stay tuned for more.

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37 Replies to “Taipei 101 and Street Food in Taiwan”

  1. Amanda Sparkle

    The architecture is absolutely stunning! Although I can't imagine exploring in 104° heat (yes, I had to look up the conversion lol) That's some stupid hot weather right there! I guess you knew that before you went though, considering you're there to teach. Were you teaching English, or something else? Also, how old were the two of you when you began your travels?

  2. Anne Corey

    You both very lucky to go round the world very good do it while you both young don,t wait if you can afford it do it very good love your video is very good to watch you both enjoy your holiday thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video Bless you all.

  3. Soup Maker

    Canadian rocks! Canadians can find instant echo and connections with Taiwanese (subconsciously) because both are nice, genuine, friendly and polite. I can tell you this is not coincident. So many vbligs and good youtubers in Taiwan talking about life and good are Canadians.

  4. Anne Corey

    The food look good lots of beet is shin meat very good not bad at all very interesting places dry nice they have slots of dumplings and buns thank you for your hard work cute stuff banana you just grab.

  5. Assie Khokhar

    I came across your videos by accident and I must say that you and your girlfriend are a prime example of how to enjoy life! Just by watching these videos you encourage people to visit places that maybe they wouldn't have thought of before! Best of luck!!!

  6. ZZ LIU

    Thank you for the videos. I follow and watched most of them (still more to go). Great job! I want to point out that the song you played at this video (4:9) (and another time at The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall ) is a Japanese song not a Chinese song. Because Japanese had occupied Taiwan before, playing a Japanese song at these two memorial hall seem strange. But I realized that some Asian song may sounded all alike. I just wanted to point it out. Another thing I like to add is that you always have positive thing to say about your experiences (food/places), nothing ever negative. Thank you for your wonderful personality.

  7. Paul Leong

    I really admired you Luke, you probably one of the Canadian guy that not afraid of try any kind of foods, especially Asian's food like spicy hot food and unknown foods you're eating. Really enjoyed your video. I love watching all the regular food's channel in YouTube, you're one of them.

  8. Walter S.

    Ahhh, I think the soup in 7:46 is "bah-kut-teh" or "rou-gu-cha" if you want to say it in Mandarin. You can get that in Singapore/Malaysia too. Somewhat well-known southern Chinese soup. Never seen the soup in Taiwan except only in night markets.

  9. Melo Lin

    So surprised that you didn't go to Jiufen when you were in North Taiwan, the view and the street are so amazing, you should spend some time visiting Jiufen and I promise you won't regret.
    As for Chiayi, I will recommend Chiayi Wenhua road night market, I will go there every year during Chinese New Year Holidays.
    Anyway, enjoy your trip in Taiwan 😛

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