48 hours in Taipei — Travel and Food

Having heard about the amazing night markets and the abundance of delicious food, I knew Taipei would be a city that any food lover should visit at some point. And so I was excited to have an opportunity to visit.

We ended up staying for almost two full weeks in Taiwan’s biggest city, and both the food and the friendliness of the people, kept us wanting to stay longer.

Taipei is a big, but very manageable, modern, clean, and friendly city. It’s easy and hassle free to get around, there’s an amazing selection of restaurants and street food, and the night markets, with their never ending supply of interesting foods, are a highlight.

In this Taipei travel guide blog I’ll be sharing with you travel details from my personal trip there, plus lots of food.

阜杭豆漿 上引水產 大腕燒肉專門店
taipei hostel – STAR HOSTEL

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