Taiwan Toilet Restaurant (Modern Toilet) in Taipei, Street Food and The Best Food Alternatives

Taiwan’s Toilet Restaurant (Modern Toilet) in Taipei is one of many quirky restaurants in Taiwan. The street food in Taiwan is also famous with a strong influence from neighbouring China and Japan. Want to know what to eat in Taipei? We show you some of the best Taiwan has and the best alternative food in Taipei.

Modern Toilet
A restaurant themed around poo. Crazy, quirky and really worth a visit. The food itself is very average and is in keeping with the theme. If you want a unique dining experience, this place is for you.

KGB Burgers
We are trying to find the worlds best burger so had to try this place. The meat comes from New Zealand and there is so many choices of burgers. The burger was really good but the chips were even better.

Raohe Night Market
The street market is a great place to explore and try a number of different food and drinks. The best thing I found was the Pork bun, made in a clay oven. The queue was always very long here and was easily located at the start of the market entrance. Only 50 TWD for a tasty snack, once I discovered it I came back every day.

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