BEST Taiwan HOT POT in TAITUNG – AMAZING Taiwanese FOOD! 台東最好的餐廳

We just discovered in Taiwan the most AMAZING vegetarian & vegan hot pot restaurant in Taitung – Whether you eat meat or not this will blow your mind!
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Watch How We Started the World Tour! 👉
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The restaurant we went to in Taitung:
Taidong Shi Fang Vegan Restaurant 台東十方素食餐廳 (最好的餐廳台東)

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👉 (photography + daily bts!)

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11 Replies to “BEST Taiwan HOT POT in TAITUNG – AMAZING Taiwanese FOOD! 台東最好的餐廳”

  1. JakeRunsAbroad

    I've visited Taiwan before. We didn't get to many places besides Taipei and Taichung (to see Rainbow Village and see a friend), defintely my vegetarian food there and the Taiwan beer! I subscribed because I'm hoping to see you hike the mountain. Please go. And of course the lake in the center of the country is lovely. Also, I would recommend heading out off the southern east coast to Orchid Island. If I remember right. Beautiful spot and you could get to see some indigenous culture. Look into it. I always use or the app for figuring out train/bus/cab routes and distances and prices. Best thing ever. Enjoy. Hotsprings hotsprings hotsprings! Don't go to the most popular on off the subway in Taipei. I mean it was so great for $1.80 usa but you are not allowed to film or take photos. So many to choose from. I had initially wanted to take the subway and bus like 1 hr away south east of Taipei to find this one mountainous outside hot spring and also see a tea plantation. Didn't have time. So when I come back I know where I'm going.

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