[Alps – Novo Amor] taiwan travel visual journal 2019


morii –

“Strange how strong the instinct is,
to see something incredible,
and reach for a camera.
As if to lend it some credibility,
to prove that it’s real,
that ‘I WAS HERE.’


We live our lives in moments.
Those rare experiences we stop to notice, and carry with us,
in the hopes of stringing them together, trying to tell a story.
But even in the moment, you can feel it start to fade.”

– The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

This video is about… an experience, i guess. It’s how i saw the world around me as i traveled in Taiwan, the little details that caught my attention the most. this isn’t some amazing aesthetic video with fancy shmancy transitions or anything, it’s really just a monologue of what i’d say a journal entry for my travels would look like. some of the best moments for me: doing taichi with two local grandmas on the mountaintop at 6am, petting literally all the animals, riding my scooter down that incredible road…

Alps by Novo Amor


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