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In this video, I took a few minutes to ask Naick and Kim about their incredible travel adventures around the world, which they have been on for almost two years. They talk about their favorite countries, the many positives of travel, and even a cautionary tale which occurred on a diving trip in Thailand last year. Get to know them a little better, and find some inspiration for your own travel plans in the future.

Check out their channel if you haven’t already! You’re going to want to follow them as they continue their journey!


50 Replies to “THEY CHOSE TAIWAN | 與Naick & Kim相見歡 | 環遊世界專訪 | WORLD TRAVEL INTERVIEW”

  1. 張玉娟

    我聽到他們說台灣 香港 新加坡

  2. Ya-Ting Hsu


  3. Naick & Kim

    Great video Wes! We love how this video turned out. It must have cost you so much time to go through our videos. The b-roll has been put together very well. Have you been sleeping since we last saw you? 😁

  4. amber Tu


  5. 曹崇勳

    Fortunately , you chose Taiwan , not chose Hing Kong or Singapore !

    Taiwan was the safest country during this COVID – 19 plague .
    and the epidemic situation in Hong Kong and Singapore is far less secure than in Taiwan .

    Sincrerly welcome you to long stay in safely and friendly Taiwan !!

  6. Yi-hsiu Lee

    A big part of the reason why they got lot of attention from the Taiwanese audience is because of the Chinese subtitle. No matter who has been helping them with the translation, he or she has been improvising at a crazy high frequency, trying to the maximize the level of being funny. I have seen sometimes it's not even close to the original content — They were only having a normal daily conversation without much emotion, but in the subtitle, they were like making so many jokes… lol
    However, it has added a lot of flavors to their videos. I could not help wondering if they were paid to make these videos about Taiwan, but obviously they were not. So it might be some government authority such as the Tourism Bureau who just did that for them for free so that Taiwan can get more exposed, which turned out attracting mostly the Taiwanese.
    I doubt it would be just some generous royal audience because that was too much effort and creativity, which was at professional level of writing. It must have been carried out on purpose. And I wonder how many people have noticed this.

  7. vivi you

    看到自己喜歡的三個YouTuber 在同一個影片裡真開心~
    Naick & Kim 在三月底疫情很嚴峻時來台灣,就定時追他們的影片了。
    與喜歡衛斯理的影片一樣,Naick&Kim 讓台灣景點有了人的溫度,在他們身上感受到熱情,用心規劃,最重要的是接受一切當下變化的勇氣,讓我開始有了計劃旅行的動力!!

  8. 喵喵

    我也從他們在印度要到台灣那裏 開始追蹤他們 !很刺激歐 !真的是老天爺安排他們來台的 !只能說這對夫妻 人生沒有白活了!想想自己 一直在過整天重複的事!一輩子關在台灣像區域23裡的地球人一樣!

  9. 洪麗華

    It might've gone through many hardships to travel worldwide for 16 months on the bounce. Because I always travel to a single country or two and less than one month at one time, I can't exactly appreciated all the sweet and bitter through personal experience for such a long journey. It seems to me more like nomads lives or the way the Gypsies live than like traveling for sightseeing to keep moving from one place to another without settling down.

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