Taiwanese Chewing Gum The Betel Nut


Trying the betel nut for the first time. Betel Nuts are known as the chewing gum of Taiwan.

It is mainly eaten eaten by taxi and truck drivers as an energy booster. It has a similar effect to caffeine or nicotine, which gives a effect of heightened awareness for period of time.

The taiwan government are trying to discourage the consumption of betel nut as it is a known carcinogens. Most betel nut chewers are prone to getting mouth cancer.


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    Ik how it tastes, it's so bad, my grandmother eats it on a daily basis tho idk how.. 💀 In India, we have smthg called meeta paan which is good but still it's tooooo sweet for me so I don't like it at all, gives me a migraine after eating it 🤕

  2. Amanda Shelton

    Awe, poor thing. She hardly ever dislikes anything. I am glad she dislikes it, that's not a good product if it causes health issues that can kill you. I grew up in an addict family and I am very lucky I don't have the condition myself. It passed me and my brother got it instead. Both my mom and dad suffered from it. Only a few of my family members don't suffer from addictions. I send my love to you both. Be blessed. Your lady is very sweet by the way. Thank you for sharing your foodie life. I enjoy it very much. Peace be with you both. From the USA.

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