Taipei Rail and Airport Guide, China Airlines Review, Part 1 of our Ultimate Taiwan Travel Guide

This is the first part of our ultimate Taiwan Guide where we cover the logistics of getting there. We tell you how to navigate the airport to get a sim card for your phone, take the subway into Taipei Main station with detailed costs. We also try to find a cute Taiwan EZ Pass which is a must get to get conveniently around Taiwan. This pass is good for the rail, subway, buses, and even the gondola ride and offers a 10 percent discount to the fares.

I know this particular vlog was a bit more on the informative side but we have so much more amazing sights and places to share with you. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for all the amazing sights around Northern Taiwan with detailed costs and instructions


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18 Replies to “Taipei Rail and Airport Guide, China Airlines Review, Part 1 of our Ultimate Taiwan Travel Guide”

  1. mojoNoodlz

    Lots of useful info. Fun to watch too. Thanks.
    Just to add, residents of Hong Kong and Macau need an "exit & entry" permit to enter Taiwan. People can apply free online and it's usually issued immediately on application. The permit needs to be printed on an A4 sheet of paper and presented to Taiwan immigration on arrival, no visa required. Don't know what mainland Chinese need though.

  2. Inukshuk67

    Wow. I never knew Taipei was such an ultra-modern and friendly city. Someone told me years ago that mainland China was more modern than Taiwan. That seems to be untrue, though. Thanks Ethan for making this video and for the interesting and useful info.

  3. amichi10

    Great travel video, we flew Thai Smile BKK to Kaohsiung, then took the THSR to Taipei, then back to BKK on Thai Airways (costs way more back in March). Absolutely loved Kaohsiung and surrounding areas, lots to see. Good transportation and Google Maps makes it easy to get around both cities. Some of the hotels in Kaohsiung would offer free ice cream and free dinner. Taipei's main station is massive as it is spread out. We bought IPASS and noticed EZ pass might be better as more places would accept it as payment for food, both cover all forms transportation. It is a great place to visit.

  4. Mike Wood

    Great video. So after seeing Taiwan how would you compare the price of living there compared to Thailand (Food, Condos, etc) and if you could move would you. You say in the video the air was very clean the people of Taiwan very friendly less traffic and very quiet. But do they have the entertainment like Thailand's gogo clubs and bars (Night Life) want the second half of my life to be better then past five years after my divorcee that have been hell. Lost my family, business, home, cars, and lots of cash due to my wife wanting to start her life over. Lucky for me all four my kids have done great so far and my youngest is now leaving for Stanford University this month so I will be free to move on. My daughter just came back from her school in Japan and plans on going back to teach English in one year. Just would like to know all my options if I vacation/move to Asia next year. Thank you again for all your help and I hope that as things improve in my life I will be able to return the favor by donations to your YouTube channel. Mike

  5. SukSuk TV by Crosscultural Coach

    I am planning to do vlogs on Jeonju, Korea. God, yours are high quality and intimidated in a positive way. I found you, since I am into Thai food and its culture..~~

  6. Ittu Wembah

    Great video and great tips thanks again for an awesome experience, waiting for the next segment of this. Hope you gave out that Credit Card, good luck and enjoy

  7. Kevin P

    Where did Mayu learn to speak Thai? In Japan or in Thailand? Please video Mayu speaking Thai. Great travel vlog Ethan and Mayu! Gave it a thumbs up.

  8. mx5hong

    LOL @4:06!!! Yeah, and they'll probably beat your a** in the process. HAHAHA!!!!

    And you're right about the phone thingie. If you're planning to travel internationally, it's best to get a unlock phone directly from the manufacturer. So that way you can just swap out the SIM card. I know that for my next phone, I'll try to get one that's unlocked even though I'll never step foot outside the U.S. LOL!!!! But unlocked phones has its advantages. For one thing, you're phone doesn't have bloatware installed by the carrier.

    And I guess if your phone is incompatible with a foreign SIM, I guess you can rent one of those portable wifi hub thingies and communicate with whatever messenger app that's popular locally???

  9. Best101

    Great video! 👍 Last time I flew to Thailand from Chicago, I took EVA through Taipei. I thought the service was great and so were the meals. On par or maybe slightly better than ANA/Korean Air. Although I’d say all three are great and I just go with whatever is cheapest at the time. Cathay is also great, but I personally can’t stand being being on a plane for 16 hours straight (ORD to HKG).

    BTW, my favorite currency exchange in all of Asia is the one by Terminal 21 BTS. I have never found better rates anywhere in Asia for any currency, not just baht.

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