Taiwan Travel Vlog: FDS Team Retreat 2020 Part 1

Part 1 of our Taiwan Travel Vlog

Year 2019 was an extremely busy year for the team in First Dance Studio. But when we work hard, we play harder! Ok not really, but we decided to head to Taiwan for our second company retreat!
We had so much fun as a team as we explored around Taiwan, shopping districts, getting lost and annual goal setting!
We had lots of adventure and un-glam moments but decided not to post all of them beacuse there were just too many that the video has to be split into 3 parts!

You can watch them here!
Part 2 –
Part 3 –

Unfortunately, 2020 had us thrown off our goals but this video serves as a reminder that as a team, we will stick through with teamwork and vison. And we look forward to the day where we can all travel together as a team one day.

Enjoy watching our travel vlog!

P.S. You might have to put on your headphones as I was trying out the gopro 8 and only realized the audio quality was really soft with it’s basic mic during post-editing. Sorry!

Music Credit

Day 1
“The Loyalist – Lotus Lane” by Preconceived Notions is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Day 2
Wan Shi Ru Yi! Gong Xi Fat Cai 2568!
Music No Copyright by KUDOBEAT

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