Street Food Truck Greek Gyros║Corgyro║Taipei, Taiwan 街頭餐車美食 希臘烤肉捲餅║柯基倚肉║台灣台北


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The bosses Mr. Chen and Ms. Huang were traveling to Greece and were tired of the journey to find local specialties. I saw someone selling this roasted meat roll on the street storefront. At first, the two of them thought it was Shaweima in the Middle East of Turkey. Unexpectedly, it tastes completely different from the taste! After returning to Taiwan, I thought about transplanting the delicious memories of Greece at that time to Taiwan, and the name of the store was from the store dogs Gyro and Corgi.


Their pita crust has a raw wild wheat flavor that is different from the ordinary crust. Yogurt sauce is a special cucumber flavor Tzaziki, and the cheese is very rare. Feta cheese made of goat milk

他們的pita餅皮吃起來有一股原始的狂野麥香跟一般餅皮不同純樸實在,優格醬是特別的黃瓜口味Tzaziki,起司則是非常少見用羊奶做的菲達起司Feta Cheese

There are several types of grilled meat rolls:
Gyros $150
Red Gyros $160
Green Gyros $160
Falafel Gyros $135
There is a special discount of 5 yuan for the above Chinese food time
Greek Plate $100

Gyros 希臘烤肉捲 $150
Red Gyros 辣臘肉捲 $160
Green Gyros 綠巨人捲 $160
Falafel Gyros 鷹嘴豆球捲 $135
Greek Plate 希臘拼盤 $100

Please refer to the official facebook for business hours and addresses

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14 Replies to “Street Food Truck Greek Gyros║Corgyro║Taipei, Taiwan 街頭餐車美食 希臘烤肉捲餅║柯基倚肉║台灣台北”

  1. 林林

    看起來很好吃⋯ 但我又有疑問了,戴塑膠手套做食物,到底是為了不想弄髒自己的手,還是為了衛生?? 任何東西和食物生菜 都戴著手套 又摸又拿,還不用洗手啊⋯⋯ 🤔🤔🤔 ⋯很多做早餐或三明治漢堡的都是這樣操作,我真的很疑惑⋯

  2. Minnie C.

    I love this food truck! Operator shows love and aesthetics in his food prep without sacrificing authenticity, with fresh quality veggies, legit meats, sauces, pita bread, Greek design paper wrap, etc. Sometimes this kind of western food is hard to get in Asia w/o some funky change to it. Also, he uses a lot of Costco Kirkland brand products. lol. Corgy dog is super cute!

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