Taiwanese Street Food Grilled Corn


Street food corn cook in a unique grill at Shilin night market in Taipei Taiwan


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  1. HD VRSC V-Rod

    So many say Mexican corn, Mexican corn. Jeez.

    This is Taiwanese flavour. Soy sauce based flavours, seaweed, mala etc.

    Definitely not Mexican. No lime and not so spicy. Not overloaded with mayonnaise.

    So many types of grilled corn in the world. Not every grilled corn is 'Mexican', people.

  2. Rob C

    That's annoying how they're selling corn by weight, especially when he's cooking multiple corns at the same time. How do I know if he's not gonna mix up my corn with someone else's corn? Lame.

  3. Geri Kucinski

    I love your videos, but can I make a quick suggestion? Could you describe the seasonings & ingredients slightly more? For example – the brown sauce brushed on. Was it soy-based? Barbecue sauce? Molasses? Thank you!

  4. FoodHub

    I never seen corns being cooked like that before. street food is the best way to learn about culture of people around the world. I also like to collect street food video and start showing the world about my country street food

  5. lpurple queen

    It is very similar to Mexican street food! Maybe he came to Mexico and he watched how we prepared that! Because we have 2 different ways to prepared the “Elote” that’s the translate for “corn” there are “Elote hervido” that’s a boiled corn whit mayonnaise, Mexican cheese and chili powder, “Elote Frito” that’s a fried corn whit lime and just chili powder…and we also have the “Esquites” that’s just a grain of corn, boiled or fried whit chili and spices! Very delicious! And we have “patitas de pollo” there is just a chicken legs whit the grain of corn!! I should come here :3

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