Taiwanese Soulfood Oyster Fritter / Sweet Potato traditional street food



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The century-old Dihua Old Street in Taipei, Taiwan has a home-baked oyster. In addition to fried oysters, glutinous rice sausages, fried sweet potatoes and other items, as well as pickled salty clams, the golden clams and oysters caught on the same day are used. The oyster is also from Pudai Harbor.


Because it is hidden in the alley, it is often easy to miss sightseeing in Dadaocheng. It is a mysterious small shop that is difficult to notice without the recommendation of a friend. The owner specifically mentioned that their oyster batter has glutinous rice paste, so the taste is special compared with others. There are two types of batter in the store based on different products.

LATTE thinks this is a Taiwanese version of tempura, right? Laugh~

Store name: Dihua Street Oyster Fritter
Business hours: 09:30 ~ 18:00
Location: No. 47, Minle Street, Datong District, Taipei City

營業時間:09:30 ~ 18:00


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