American's FIRST Experience With Traditional Taiwanese Food!

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39 Replies to “American's FIRST Experience With Traditional Taiwanese Food!”

  1. Brian Nielsen

    Eh you, English Prozzie,
    when you coming to Canada? The boys at the shop and I want to meet you.
    Ya man , a meet and greet like none other.
    Hope we don't have to come to you. Please come soon, stuff we gotta show you.

  2. Vic


  3. 韋全

    Not sure if anyone has ever given you this suggestion. If wanting to have better understanding about Taiwanese culture around 20 to 39, you definitely need to check the PTT.

  4. webeskimo

    dude 86k already? you desreve it….you make shitty videos but you are cool ( as apposed to the delusional winston…and recently your mate is also becoming increasingly like winston….good for you you left lol ). Btw dude move you ass and make some more interseting videos…subject wise…. We kinda like you that's why we watch.

  5. Karri Cherish

    I don’t like the last one either, but my mom told me if you put it into frozen ones, and eat it with honey or sugar , it would be like jelly

  6. Brian Nielsen

    Bah, ha ha ha, Serpenza called you out for being a no. 2, 
    on his list of 4 types of foreigners who visit China.
    You made No. 2, Serpenza called you – "Play about Prozzie!"
    Congrats fellow Canuck!

  7. 高阿貴

    I think why 粽子 in Taiwan is so popular is that every year during dragon boat festival there will be lots of homemade 粽子 showing up. And those are some special recipe from family generations. They only show up once a year, so they are a kind of "limited."
    For example, my mom's 粽子 used to be ordered between family relatives every year. That's the best 粽子 I ever have every year. That;s a memory of a flavor. Then after I got married, I found my mother in law also makes very good 粽子. My mother in law has her own recipe. And her 粽子 also very popular between family relatives. So, there are so many secret recipes in Taiwan and those only show up around 1~2 weeks a year. They are so limited and so variety. I believe there are many similar traditional foods like 粽子 for Taiwan in lots of other country. Those recipe only delivered in family generations.

  8. Pei-Shen Hung

    最後一個鹼粽我個人也不愛😂 要加糖粉才有味道喔~

  9. Minoru Masaki


  10. wfire1412 C

    The last one should be dipped in that bag of sugar to eat. You don't eat it plain. I am also a picky eater like your friend. The Taiwanese meat rive dumplings sometimes have too many stuff that parts of them may not cooked well. I had very dry mushrooms or very dry eggs in my bought rice dumplings sometimes. The best ones are the home-made ones.

  11. Cole Fogle

    Dude I love this video. I love that you’re at a tattoo shop talking about rice dumplings while Alan is in the background getting a tattoo. This was a brilliant episode. Happy Canada Day I hope we cross paths sometime.

  12. Chien-chien Chang

    zhongzhi is one of my favorite food… but this is sooo funny…. getting a picky eater to try new things… next time … have some of your Taiwanese friends to try blue cheese…. hee hee

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