TAIWAN Street Food, Night Market, and Tourist Spots – Part 1

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are having a blast. Here’s a vlog from my trip in Taiwan. It’s been an awesome journey. Tasting different kinds of Milk Tea everyday, sampling the yummy street food and checking out the Night Market for any good find.

Taiwan is very safe, the food is great and contrary to what I have been told, the people are friendly. Wifi connection is awesome, you can purchase a sim card at the airport to give you wifi for the whole duration of your trip or just a small part.

Most hotels provide public access to wifi and the transportation is very organized.

the cheapest way to get around is to walk, don’t be afraid to walk, get on google maps or waze and familiarize yourself with the place.

Next best thing for transportation is the train. There are so many ticket kiosks, you don’t even need to transact with people.

While taxis are the quickest way to get around, they can be a bit pricey if you use this service everyday.

Some shops will let you sample all of their products and at the end there’s a bit of pressure to buy but by this time you’ve most likely consumed a whole meals worth of sampling, hahaha.

Shoutout to everyone who made this trip fun and full of character.

I hope you guys enjoy the video. Have an awesome week!

Stay Awesome,

Music and Tracks Info:

1. Tobu
Huge shoutout to Tobu. An amazing artist who has helped thousands of Vloggers bring life and flavor into their content. THANK YOU Tobu, you are amazing!
Music: Tobu – Nostalgia

2. Two Face by Cosmic
Thank you for those awesome beats.

3. Catch Up by Dan Lebowitz
Thank you for making my video fun and creative.

4. Take It Easy by MBB
Thank you so much for your music.


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