Taiwan Travel Diary: Seafood Markets, Taipei 101 McDonalds – Pt. II

The second episode of the three part Asia vlog to Taiwan and Hong Kong! We went to famous seafood markets, Tamsui and Yehliu for an incredible view, Raohe for the busiest night market, and Taipei 101 where I got to try Taiwan Mcdonalds.


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I’m Letitia (Le-tish-a), a fashion school graduate based in Toronto. I’m here to share fashion industry secrets, girl talks, DIYs, and outfit ideas. I also vlog with my bf Stefan. We travel, share relationship advice, and capture our daily movements.

Songs: Esta – Bipolar

Mugg – Saunder

DAH Trump – Hanakotoba

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15 Replies to “Taiwan Travel Diary: Seafood Markets, Taipei 101 McDonalds – Pt. II”

  1. muhleekuh

    I love that you bring attention to the environmental issues, such as the lantern in the previous video and now the single serve packaged items!

  2. nomaichi

    such delicious much wow!
    the fish market + going to resto to get it cooked reminds me of this place in hong kong, i don't remember where now, but it was a fishing village and the restos and stuff are still on stilts on the water!
    lol i see you running around the empty gate to prove a point 😛 if you guys were in mumbai security might not even have let you in the airport so early..
    also yes east asia (not sure about southeast asia) is SUPER wasteful.. so much packaging for everything. it always shocks me how wasteful society is in hong kong…

  3. meira l

    you met so many furry friends ! all the food looks really delicious wow even the mcdonalds ! also u n ur mom look so much alike, you guys are so cute !

  4. anddayysayshi

    omg that boba is from coco 😭 I used to go there every day on my way to school when I studied abroad. I have such fond memories from so many places you visited, it was so nice to see them again and see someone else experience them with as much excitement as you did!

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