Episode 1: 48 Hours in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

48 HOURS in ASIA: Kaohsiung (Episode 1 of 5)

Let Jenn Chia bring you around Kaohsiung and show you what you can do in 48 Hours in the city! Not to forget, the delicious local delicacies that you should not miss when you are there. The interesting part, Jenn will be given tasks to be completed in order to get her flight back home!


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*Travel from 1 Oct 2017 – 8 Feb 2018

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32 Replies to “Episode 1: 48 Hours in Kaohsiung, Taiwan”

  1. Ed Pal

    Just been to kaohsiung few days ago. I 100 percent agree the people were so nice. Communication was really a struggle because they can't speak English however they were so nice. They were really willing to assist you despite the language barrier.

  2. amy168 lsc168


  3. andrea kei

    This video is very well produced, informative and fun! I'll be travelling to Kaohsiung in a week and this definitely helped me make up my mind on the places to visit. Thanks AirAsia + Jenn! 😀

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