Sizzling Beef Steak #nt$140 #EatAllYouCan #SoupDrinksToastedBread #TaiwanFood #Sizzling #FreshFood

Sizzle your life with this Sizzling Steak!!! This is one of our favorite sizzling steakhouses and because i can not always cook especially during weekends, so we come here to have dinner. We always want a place that is not crowded and so we have several on our lists to show you as i move forward my vlogging.

Here in Taiwan, most of the restos don’t serve rice. I’am living this lifestyle (no rice) for quite a long time now. In our household, i cook filipino foods but the tastes is of course for taiwanese tastes’ buds. You know, they cook their food (i mean the traditional ones) with less salt and so i do less salt as well. In preparing our meal. i always consider my boys’ food preference.

Taiwan is a really nice place to visit. You will love the food, the hotels and people. It is safe here and clean. i hope when everythings well in the future and when Taiwan’s Tourism will be opened to the World again, you can come and visit taiwan. Keep Safe Everyone.

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