Taiwan Seafood Auction – White Pomfret / Silver Pomfret

水湳市場: 位於臺中的傳統市場
Traditional Taiwanese Market
Seafood Auction

地址: 台中市西屯區中清路二段189巷57號
Taichung City, Taiwan


36 Replies to “Taiwan Seafood Auction – White Pomfret / Silver Pomfret”

  1. Half n Half

    OOOO! This is so awesome! I’ve only seen this one time at a Wegmans in America lmao snd this is way better 😂 I can tel he is so convincing and passionate hahaha even tho I don’t speak the language! The fish looks so freeeeshhhhhh and delicious ! 😍😭

  2. 皮九说 Pierre et Alice


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    I hope you can go to watch my video toooooo😉
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