ATTENTION TO ALL PORK BELLY LOVERS! Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice | Lu Rou Fan 卤肉饭|

The beauty of cooking at home is that you can add any ingredients you and your partner like. Love pork belly? Add it in! Love Tau Kwa? Add it in too! This Lu Rou Fan recipe is extremely easy to cook and Pei Wen would suggest that you cook extra portion so that you can keep it for the next day. It tastes nicer the next day! If you do try out the recipe, leave a comment below and let Peiwen knows if you like this dish!

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Peiwen’s Meal-for-two was created for newly-weds and couples who have just moved into their new homes, have a beautiful kitchen to work in, but have no idea what to whip up. These recipes are by Loo Peiwen, herself, who is an avid home cook, has a passion in culinary, and enjoys creating dishes using her love for food. These recipes have been tried and tested, are authentic, delicious, and perfect for two! These meals are easily achievable, just simply follow our steps and instructions! Most importantly, you can be sure both of your appetites would be satiated at the end of the day!

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