taiwan vlog pt.2: quarantine (food, activities, broken glasses…)

hey friends welcome bacc:DD if you haven’t watched the first part of my taiwan vlogs, here it is:

this is the second and last video to my taiwan vlog series, documenting my experience of the mandatory two-week quarantine when i went back to taiwan this summer! i’m really sorry to say that there will be no vlogs of me traveling in taiwan, mainly cuz it’s just me having meals with friends or spending quality time with my family so it wouldn’t have been that exciting to watch.

if you’re also in quarantine, i hope this video gives you some ideas on what to do while being stuck indoors, and make sure you don’t leave your house so you don’t get fined!! there’s a lot less voiceovers this time cuz i’m currently trying out different editing styles. feel free to comment any suggestions below:))


channels mentioned:
baumgartner restoration:


music credit:
shreee – george luo (instagram: @gluomusic)
done with work
《日出前我才發現是你在夜中點亮了方向》- 新竹高中:


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