Taiwan street food-deep fried milk 台灣夜市小食-炸鮮奶🥛NO OIL NEEDED?!

hellooo guysss this time we madeee deep fried milkk!🥛 ☁️ but without using oil!!! omg the taste is heavenly goooood and we’re in love with it!🥺

here’s the recipe;
☁️ c o r n s t a r c h 3 0 g
🥛 m i l k 2 5 0 g
✨ s a l t 1 / 2 t s p
🌟 s u g a r 7 0 g
🌻 e g g x 1
🍽 b r e a d c r u m b s
that’s ittt!!!

we used an air fryer to fry it so that we could fry it without using oil!! thanks for watching ! Be sure to like and subscribe!! see you in our next vidd🥺💖✨

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