Best Things To Do in Taipei (Travel Taiwan)

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Another beautiful and rainy day in Taipei! Follow us around Taipei as we see the beautiful scenic views from Elephant Mountain, eat the courageous food.. (stinky tofu and pig intestines) and have a wonderful day walking around this amazing city. If you have not yet been Taiwan, it’s time to go!

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23 Replies to “Best Things To Do in Taipei (Travel Taiwan)”

  1. The Hunter Traveller

    Really nice video..loved watching the intro! Really captures how nice it is to experience things with friends when we travel. I’m in Taichung right now after travelling around Taiwan. I still haven’t reached Taipei yet because I’ve been getting set up working here for a while. But it looks like a fun place to be. Will definitely head to Elephant Mountain. I love this about Taiwan..the nature is so accessible here! Did you see much f the east coast? I think this time of year (a year on from when you published this video) it’s probably similar weather to Taipei, or at least in the north east. But the views and nature all along the coast is stunning with so much to see. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to get up to Taipei sometime. Oh, and is there much street art around like the stuff you show in the video? Looks pretty awesome!

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