Why We Fight: The Battle Of China

“The Battle of China,” Chapter VI of Frank Capra’s “Why We Fight” series, explains why the Empire of Japan possessed such a strong interest in ruling the disparate lands of China. In an attempt to break
the will of the Chinese people in one massive assault, Japan invades Nanking and massacres forty thousand civilians. The attack results in an opposite effect, galvanizing the Chinese resistance and unifying the separate lands into a single Chinese identity. While the Japanese take control of all Chinese ports, hoping to cut off all resources from its victim, China’s allies effectuate an engineering miracle. They construct the seven hundred mile long Burma Road over the mountains of Myanmar, and set up a constant caravan of trucks to ship food and materiel to the Chinese armies, keeping them alive. Frustrated by their inability to conquer China, the Japanese turn their attention to the islands of the Pacific, and the United States.

Please watch: “An American in Berlin? – Oliver Hardy ~ with Philip Hutchinson”

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  1. Joshua张志鸿

    Fun Fact : the punishmant by bombing unamed civilians was done not only in China. They bombed Penang Island of Malaya because it had a large chinese population which was anglicized , even though the British had left the island

  2. caligula79

    It's easy to understand why the Chinese are so assertive these days (and why they hate Japan in particular). It's unfortunate that neither China nor the US remembers this period in their history when they fought side by side.

  3. Blank Note

    This was made by the US on behlaf of China when the nationalists had power. Just a decade before the communists won. But all the things it says are still true.

  4. 592 fonzy

    im so surprised that not only Chinese but also many Westerners here still believe in the war time American propaganda movie "The Battle of China" directed by Frank Capra, dispite its full of fabrication.①it showed Shanghai air raid by Japan.but it was actually the brutal act by Kuomintang(Chiang Kai-shek).Japan air striked Shanghai station to cut off the supply route of KMT.but not all over the city. in the second Shanghai incident,KMT pursued aimless air raid to annihilate Japanese troops in the city.they even attacked French concession.thus  2000  civilians including Westerners got killed.and at first,Chiang tried to fake it as Japanese atrocity like in this film.② some scenes like the civilians about to be buried alive is a staged one using actors.③ the execution scene of 2 guys by gun was from Soviets documentary film titled "Shanghai document" made in 1927 to accuse Chiang.the victims were Chinese Communists and the executioners were Nationalists(KMT). see the film down below from 5:40.
    【Analysis of the Battle of China】

  5. lou pipkin

    As a Chinese, I will never forget the help provided by the US in our difficulties. Thank you, America! It is a shame to see some Chinese are not friendly to the US!

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