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  1. May Chen

    Hi, I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Watch this video makes me home sick. Luckily, I can cook most of them. I am actually thinking about selling Taiwanese street food myself.  Taiwanese people are very friendly and most people can pull off some English. I am proud of being one. I love Taiwan.

  2. Kim L

    Mostly Taiwanese are friendly, and many foreign travellers visit in Taiwan. But I think you still need to know a little bit Mandarin because not all Taiwanese can speak English.

  3. Andy Cupples

    i speak to someone from koahsiung, and really wanna visit, i am from the UK tho, do you get many foreign visiters from europe? i am worried about visiting as i have never been to asia before and dont know how i will be perceived :))

  4. Neosaigo

    The funny part about Taiwan street food is really that is how most Taiwanese eat these days.

    Not as many people do home cooked meals, especially white collar workers generally eat outside almost everyday. Street food is basically just everyday food to Taiwanese, so it is definitely held up to specific standards in terms of taste, price, and convenience.

    Just don't over eat if not used to the oil cooked food, or you might have a stomach episode. XD

  5. piggear

    Squid ball is more of a Japanese food than Taiwanese, although Taiwan has some Japanese influence in their food due to Japan occupying Taiwan for about 50 years. I hope you had the butter-filled "tire cake" by the way.

    I think it's really funny that you described these street food as exotic; they are amazing though. I went elementary school in Taiwan, and since these are street food, they're actually everywhere in Taiwan (thus, street food) so they're completely not exotic for people in Taiwan.

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