ENG | Eguchi Takuya Taiwanese cuisine eating show (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)

⭐️ please read ⭐️
the actual video had been uploaded on my side channel as unlisted video, since this is c*pyrighted material.
to access this video, fill in this form – bit.ly/joincurry. make sure to fill the form & submit, then I’ll email you the link.

this is a free fansubs, you don’t have to pay a single $ whatsoever.

my twitter page twitter.com/currytantou
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⭐️ song used ⭐️
happiness (rock ver) – knnovation
happiness original ver by pentagon

5 Replies to “ENG | Eguchi Takuya Taiwanese cuisine eating show (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)”

  1. That one Introvert in class

    Just wanna say i never knew your intro was a korean song the whole time i thought it was some random instrumental. So btw wut song is that?

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